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VARSHA Meaning in Himalayan culture, it’s a rain and represent life, love, clean, and rebirth. Three blue colors represent Agency, Jobseeker And Employer

  1. Light blue : Reliability
  2. Sky blue : Dreams and Hope
  3. Navy Blue : Stability
Varsha Manpower (P.) Ltd. was founded in 2010. License No. 954/067/068 issued by the Government of Nepal, Department of Labour and Employment Promotion.

Varsha manpower is an ethical and responsible employment firm in Nepal. With a view to meet the overwhelming demands of the reliable and quality Nepalese workforce on a global scale. By providing ethical and professional recruitment services to our clients and foreign employment opportunity to the job seekers according to their skills, experiences and qualifications.

We strive to be recognized as a reliable, ethical recruiting firms and the center for fair employment agency in Nepal.

Our Mission

Provide workforce solutions, connecting human potential to industrial and manufacturing businesses at zero cost through ethical recruitment process and Adherence to corporate social responsibility program to help the wider community.

Our Vision

To provide responsible recruitment solutions and to be recognized as a dependable, transparent, and fair employment agency on a global scale

serving people

Investing in people

VARSHA MANPOWER is one of Nepal's esteemed and well-known as a reliable employment agencies, with a 13-year track record of success. It is renowned for its dependability and goodwill. We are dedicated to ensuring the total satisfaction of all parties, including clients and job seekers.

At the heart of VARSHA MANPOWER is a belief that we should invest in people to help them become the work ready worker that businesses are looking for. We do this through training and encouraging involvement in community projects as well as by placing people into temporary and permanent employment. If we do this successfully we help the local area to become economically and socially stronger.

Human Capital, Right People in the Right Job, at the Right Time

With a view to meet the overwhelming demands of the reliable and quality Nepalese workforce on a global scale. We have tied-up with Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Europe, and Japan.

Once all necessary approvals have been obtained. In order to increase the number of applications, we craft compelling job postings for national publications and social media. We quickly and effectively screen applicants to find the strongest candidates by adopting fair employment and responsible recruitment practice.

But most importantly, our passionate team works day in and day out to meet your hiring needs. Our main goal is to find you dependable and hard working whose dream is to work hard for your business, build their carrier and to support their family

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