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We collaborate with businesses of various types and sizes worldwide, fostering partnerships that transcend industries. Our commitment extends to supporting enterprises globally, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse business needs

Our Vision

To provide responsible recruitment solutions and to be recognized as a dependable, transparent, and fair employment agency on a global scale


We understand the global trends such as the rising role of Technology, Climate change, Demographic shifts, Urbanization, and the globalization of value chains are changing the nature of work, workforce and skills demands. To succeed in today labor market, one needs a comprehensive skill set, we provide wide ranges of training and advantage with our collaboration with training center and institute to provide quality manpower.

Founded in 2010. License No. 954/067/068 issued by the Government of Nepal, Department of Labour and Employment Promotion.

Varsha manpower is an ethical and responsible empoyment firm in Nepal. With a view to meet the overwhelming demands of the reliable and quality Nepalese workforce on a global scale. By providing ethical and professional recruitment services to our clients and foreign employment opportunity to the job seekers according to their skills, experinces and qualifications.

We strive to be recognized as a reliable and transparency recruiting firms and the center for fair employment agency in Nepal.

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Our Company is committed to help clients to reach the goals.
We're selective in partnering with clients for HR support, focusing on those who share our values. Our approach centers on teamwork and a strong commitment to clear communication
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13 Years Experiences
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Our proven track record speaks for itself, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional results and driving success in every endeavor.


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Over 35+ Diverse Sector Job Opportunities 100% Dedication And Commitment Direct Recruitment without using Nepal sub agent or middleman.

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What we do?

With a view to meet the overwhelming demands of the reliable and quality Nepalese workforce on a global scale. We have tied-up with Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Europe, and Japan. Once all necessary approvals have been obtained. In order to increase the number of applications, we craft compelling job postings for national publications and social media. We quickly and effectively screen applicants to find the strongest candidates by adopting fair employment and responsible recruitment practice.


We are one of the best agencies out of more than 900 manpower agency. We are trusted by more than 300 international and national companies.

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